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I Put It To You

I am so terribly, terribly excited. 1000 hits on our myspace site. I know that shouldn't really be that exciting, but I admit I have actually been counting down the days. Now we're nearly ready to take over the world.

I have to admit to being very excited, also, about the fact that we not only made it into the Mizzou Battle of the Bands, but we placed second. That means that according to the Mizzou Student Music Committee, we are officially the second best band in the University of Missouri system. The first band, of course, I basically disregard because no one particularly seemed to enjoy their performance. The enigmatic figures perched high up in the balcony all bathed in shadows handed down a few somewhat troubling and all together confusing rulings. Oh well, I am happy with the turn out. I was just there to have fun anyway.

I decided to start making my own clothes today. I think I can do it too...I'm pretty sure at least.

I have had a bad taste in my mouth for a few weeks now; I'm starting to think it is my life.
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