healthycrisis (healthycrisis) wrote,

What an incredible week!

Where do I begin? So much has happened in the span of seven days. Well, I might as well start with last Tuesday, as I trudged through the snow slickened by-ways of the University of Missouri campus. This was my last final of the week and, as such, was completely laden down with books to sell back, of course awkwardly stacked. Also, I had the heaviest fucking messenger bag of all time completely packed with my laptop, books, notes, papers, and basically every assortment of anything known to man. I was making my way through the double doors and down the tiled stairs, and as I felt out each step I thought to myself, "These steps are really slippery. They really should have something more substantial by the doors to wipe my feet on." And, in like fashion with any classic base commedy, my feet flew from beneath me and I went crashing the the floor. Despite having worn a rather thick coat and long sleeved shirt, my arm was still impressively battered and scraped down nearly the entire length.

Okay, next: Wednesday I knew Ruth was coming home and was having a welcome home party to which I was invited. At the end of my work day, however, I was still unsure where to go, or even how to get to her home town (which I will not divulge in order to protect the innocent). So I headed home to shower and such. Upon my arrival home I saw all my papers, books, etc. which had been in my messenger bag the day before scattered headlessly across my livingroom floor. I was tired so my first thought was that Jared, my new roommate, had accidently tipped it on his way to work and didn't have time to clean up his mess, which he rarely does anyway. So I ignored it for the time being and went on to the bathroom. Feeling somewhat relieved, if not still irritated, I went into my room to change when I stumbled upon the most disastrous scene yet. My bed had been completely over-turned and my entire room was in shambles. I went into the kitchen to investigate further and found the back door kicked in. Apparently, someone had forced their way into my home and stolen, pretty much all of my valuable possessions. Two things for which to be thankful. One, they didn't take any of my musical equipment as a result of its size and overall amount; and two, even though the knocked over the garbage can when they kicked in the door, they had the decency to pick it back up and set it to the side. What nice guys!

Okay, then on Sunday Molly came over to see me. Just for fun we painted portraits of each other and I cooked dinner afterwards. She went on to work while I wrote a new song about the soothing pleasures of coffee and nicotene. Around nine (only four hours later) she came back over and seemed, tense? standoffish? cold? (all of the above). I played her my song, and she told me it was good, and I responded by asking her what was up. I then precluded the following events by saying, "You're not breaking up with me are you? Because that would be hilarious." Long story...less long, she was. I was consoled by the fact that she had never, and probably would never again, have a boyfriend who treated her a good as I did. Now, I realize that sounds pretentious, but I feel I honestly did everything that could possibly have been expected of me and far more. I won't go into details, but the fact that she left me for her old boy friend basically confirms this suspicion I have been having that a sad majority of girls are far too prone to attach themselves to guys who treat them like shit. And while they proclaim to prefer nice guys who have something valid to offer, really they are bound to something they can't have. How sad, for all of us.

But that's not all. I have one more little morsel. Today, I get a phone call from my bassist who is vacationing at her home city of Cinncinatti. She called me up, basically just to tell me that she probably will not be returning to Mizzou next semester, and all the dynamic we have been building as a trio is now sort of void. My band has a performance on the 29th of January and all of a sudden I find myself looking for a bassist to help inspire and complete my sound. This last, possibly is the most devistating blow.

Over all, I would say I have had a pretty eventful week. This is really just a superficial look at all the events which took place during this period and I really just don't have the time or energy to try and record everything. Suffice it to say that, though everything that has happened has been wholly negative and seemingly designed to wrend me assunder, I still feel that though things might not always work out the way I want them to, they will always work out somehow. I know everthing will be okay, perhaps not grand, but okay. So, other than that, have a great vacation everyone, and hopefully the next time I post will by on my new laptop. (Fingers crossed, wood knocked, Buddhan belly rubbed, etc.)
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