healthycrisis (healthycrisis) wrote,

I met someone

I have been single since August. I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but it was certainly the longest period of time I spent outside the comforting environs of someone or another's arms. It was nice because it forced me to think about some of the things one so often blocks out when in a relationship. I have relived some moments of my past I had nearly forgotten, I've grasped some new concepts, the end...was okay being alone.

And then, last Friday I was invited by a friend to "go drinking". I didn't particularly feel like being at home on a Friday night so I accepted his kind invitation. I got there and it was about six guys, half of whom were gay, and no particular plans beyond watching tv and, perhaps, playing Edward 40 Hands. So we went to a friends house and began drinking, casually; I was in no hurry to get wasted. Then, one of the guys called his friend from work named Molly. She has lived here for a year or so, but hadn't made many friends, so he gave her one of those pity calls. She arrived, and was clearly out of her element, but I made my best efforts to assure her I was in a similar position knowing only one of the group. It wasn't long, however, before the owners of the house decided they didn't want people drinking in their house, no matter how respectful or quiet they may have been. Luckily, I have a house to myself, so I suggested the party move there. Long story short, I got somewhat drunk, but I was certainly aware enough to notice when we had our arms around each other, or when she started scratching my back. By the end of the night all the other people there were betting on whether or not we would be all over each other as soon as everyone left. We weren't. She stayed and watched some of an Audrey Tautou movie, and she left. On Monday I discovered that probably some of the reason why had to do with the fact that she had a boyfriend...oops. But then on Tuesday we finished the movie anyway and stayed up drinking coffee and talking until 1:30 in the morning. And then on Thursday, as it was her birthday, she came to my band practise, and then we got ice cream, and walked around down town, and watched a movie, and then...slowly through the progression of the movie, and yet somehow abruptly it seemed, we were holding hands. As the movie ended I looked at her and said, "It seems I have put you in something of a perdicament, huh."
"It's just that, we spent five and a half hours together the other night and when you left I wasn't ready for you to go....And then, to make matters worse, I would kind of like to kiss you right now." She smiled, but said nothing. "So...what are you going to do?"
"I don't know." So I hugged her for a long time, and then we kissed, a lot.

Long story short, she broke up with her boyfriend last weekend and now I suppose we are seeing each other...what ever that means. Either way, it has been a long time since I have spent that much time with a girl and not been ready for her to go after awhile.

Still, I should probably at least attempt to justify my actions. This is not something I do. I don't steal girls away from boyfriends. How this all came to pass, I really can't even say beyond recording the events which took place. The underlying context, however, is beyond me. That isn't terribly good justification, except that it really isn't something I do often.

My band records our cd this weekend. I write this because this glad news because it is bursting out of me. We have a completely different sound than I used to play. I suspect the new cd versus the old would be barely comparable. Think of: a mixture of 1950s country swing (Bob Wills), bluegrass, and punk rock. A sort of Old Crow Medicine Show meets Old 97s meet the Throwing Muses meets Flogging Molly, or Rancid, or Louis XIV. Oh, but these are exciting times.

P.S. I made a lamp out of an umbrella last weekend.
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